Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lots Goin' On

Emmy is cracking me up right now- she has a kleenex and keeps blowing her nose. So cute! She's doing better than her older brothers who use their sleeves! Owen lost his first tooth this morning at 6. Pretty exciting! So, our dryer has been on the fritz for about a week. We wanted to get it fixed before Chad and I leave on vacation, so Chad worked from home today and the repairman came. $88 and 15 min to find an old gift card, from some boy's pocket, stuck in the blower. I've got a guess as to which little boy forgot to empty his "credit card" from his pocket. Chad says we need to cut all of the pockets out of his jeans. Is there anything these kids won't break/ruin?! Heidi's school got to talk to the commander of the international space station. He got to choose one school out of the entire country! We just watched a video from the space station about a month ago and watched the space station zoom across the sky, before we knew that her school was going to talk to him. So, the boys were excited for her, but a bit jealous too. The commander is a Hoosier- gotta represent!! We've been busy trying to get things going with our businesses and get vacation stuff squared away and work. I'm ready to relax on the beaches of Barbados!!

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