Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hypno Dentistry

Okay, this story is a pretty good one. I just heard this for the first time from my mom and it's something about me from my childhood. First, some background on me: I sucked my thumb until I was 10. My parents tried all sorts of things to get to me to stop. I just loved to suck that thumb raw. I remember that they put Anbesol on it and then blocked the bathroom so that I couldn't wash it off. I went into our living room and slowly licked it off and cringed with every lick because that stuff tastes NASTY! Once I had it all licked off, I sucked away!! Anyhow, this thumb sucking thing came up at Thanksgiving dinner and my mom told us that my dad is convinced that our dentist hypnotized me because I had a dental appointment and after that I stopped sucking my thumb. I don't recall this dental visit and I don't have a distinct memory of quitting my thumb sucking. The dentist must have said something to scare me into stopping. I just hope that there isn't some special word that will take me out of hypnosis and cause me to start sucking my thumb at age 27! Ha ha!!