Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December has been a busy one.  We start off with Chad's birthday, then there is all of the busyness that comes with Christmas time.  I had a couple of baking orders.  I actually made 21 dozen Raspberry Half Moons in one week.  Yeah, I'm trying to start a home based bakery.  We'll see if Rolling Pin Bakehouse takes off.

So, here are a few cute/funny things my stinkers have done lately.   Heidi was trying to cut a tag off of a new shirt.  She was wearing the shirt and the tag was hanging from the underarm.  I look over to see her holding a large chef's knife, going toward her underarm.  I don't know what goes through her head sometimes!  That girl is book smart, but still needs to work on common sense stuff!!!  The boys both wore their suits to school last Friday because they wanted to look nice for their school Christmas parties.  Too cute!  Christmas night Owen was having trouble going to bed.  Hoping to calm him down, I told him he could pick a new toy to sleep with.  Instead of choosing a toy, he asked if I would sleep with him.  He's so sweet!  I laid in bed with him and Noah for a little while, and he was pretty sad when I got out.

The kids did an awesome job today of helping get the house back in order.  We are having a Surprise birthday party for Noah tomorrow, so I needed to do some major after-Christmas clean up.  I can't wait to see his face.  He's going to love it!!!!  Little Emmy is still not walking.  We got her a walker toy that will hopefully help her out.  She has got the cutest toothy smile!  She is such a joy!  Heidi received about 20 books for Christmas.  She is a happy girl!  When we saw Santa, she asked for books, Owen asked for 100 bucks and Noah asked for, what else, Legos.  Sadly, Owen did not get his Christmas wish!  We gave Heidi a corner reading chair that I bought at a garage sale back in the summer.  I think we'll get our money's worth on it!  Chad got me a garbage disposal- I'm super duper excited to get it installed.  My grandma gave us all family heirlooms.  It was pretty awesome!  All of the women got antique dishes that are really gorgeous.  My dad got some tool used with flax that has been in our family since 1790!! Chad's grandma also gave us family heirloom items that are pretty cool.  It was a great Christmas!  Now we get to look forward to the annual New Year's Eve party with Knecht's!