Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Summer is approaching, and our calendar is not lacking. With all of the outside work that comes with warm weather, and all of the fun stuff there is to do during the summer, it makes it hard to keep up with everyday inside chores. How do people live in warm climates year round? I rather enjoy when Jan/Feb come and we have a bit of a lull in extra activities.

Lately we have been busy with Noah's baseball games and practices. The other night Chad told him to throw the ball quicker during the game and he asked, "Won't that make the game go by faster?" He finally got to be catcher tonight. He has been talking about it since the season started. I was pretty excited for him! Owen is going to play soccer later in the Summer. He has been practicing at home. He has never played before, so we'll see if he enjoys it. Heidi is also going to play soccer for the first time. Heidi was tested and recommended for a special school program that is for kids that learn faster. So, she will be going to a different school in the Fall. She is kind of sad to leave her friends, but she is good at making friends, so I'm not too worried. I think she will benefit from this schooling. If it doesn't seem to be a good fit, we can pull her out of the program. Emmy is about 7 months old and almost ready to crawl. She scoots everywhere and grabs at cords and anything on the floor. I've had to do some redecorating, and move decor from the floor to a higher plane. Emmy has the biggest, open mouthed smile. It's so cute and funny. She has been an easy baby and this has been the easiest time in my life to have a baby. The other kids are pretty independent. They all get themselves dressed, brush their own teeth, strap themselves in... They are good helpers and they enjoy helping. They all love Emmy and want to sit by her and want to make her laugh.

The kids have been making me laugh. The other day at the zoo Owen asked how orangutans protect themselves against carnivores. Crazy! Noah, told me that he read a book where a wheelchair went 1,000 miles per hour. He then added, very informatively, "It was fiction, of course." That horrible Red Solo cup song was on, and Heidi thought it was about hot chocolate. I'm not sure what led her to that conclusion. Heidi gets to spend a week with Ben and Jocelyn. Jake and Zach adore her, so that will be great for them and her. We get to visit our friends, Blair and Kendra Shumard, in Ohio. I'm excited to hang out with them!!!

We did 2 joint garage sales recently. The South Whitley one made much more money than the one at Vanessa's. For about an hour, we had the kids holding up free signs, just so we could get rid of stuff. Some people cleaned up pretty well! We gave away our dining table and chairs. I really think they should have just been added to the burn pile in the back yard. We gave away our 10 year old tube TV that had a missing button, so we had to change the channel by inserting something into the void- we chose a plastic fork. We are eating on our card table for the time being. We ordered a table a while ago, but it won't be done until the middle of June. Chad and I are busy with church stuff too.