Thursday, October 2, 2014

Babies on a Plane

Could people please stop complaining about misbehaving children on planes?!  If you don't want to fly with kids, drive.  And do these people think that parents ENJOY flying with their  young children?  Seven hours of being trapped on an airplane with your little ones is stressful and add that you had to show up early to the airport and possibly a long drive to the airport and probably had a "fun" layover for a couple of hours with sleep deprived kiddos... what do people expect from the parents and the kids?    People often mention having an annoying child kick the back of their seat and that the parent LET the child do it.  Really?  I bet that kid's mom gave her a tutorial on how to kick the seat at just the right angle. Come on!  Obviously, I don't want my children to annoy me or other passengers during a flight, but it's likely to happen given the unpleasant circumstances. 

How about instead of offering nasty glares, rude blogs and "so annoyed" tweets, we offer assistance.  Ask the parent if it's okay for the child to play with something from your bag, tell a story, offer your phone or some candy....  Ask the parents what you can do to help because you see that they have an energetic child who has nowhere to run and play!  The parents are likely to say there is nothing you can do, but how much better they will feel knowing that someone was supportive instead of judgemental.  Get over yourself- kids gotta fly too!