Monday, November 3, 2008


Last weekend Macy and I drove up to Chicago for the New Kids on the Block concert. We had a blast!! It was so much fun singing all of the old songs. Everyone in the arena knew all of the words. They sounded good, and it was a really entertaining concert. Our seats were better than expected, so we got some really good pictures. Donnie was as nasty as ever. The girls behind us were Donnie fans. Macy and I kept laughing every time people screamed for him. We did a lot of screaming and singing along. We had so much FUN!!!!! Most of the songs from their new album are pretty good. Natasha Bedingfield opened for them and she was really good too. So, about half way through the concert this girl sitting next to me is not feeling well. She has her head down, covering her ears. I'm pretty sure she was drunk. I just kept thinking, Why don't you go out in the hall or the bathroom. Well, she started to look like she might get sick, so I move my purse and stuff and start moving away from her. At the end of the concert she puked. Nasty! It got on my shoe, purse and jeans. It wasn't a ton, but still.