Sunday, August 7, 2011

Staller Family Lake Vacation

All of the Staller's spent a week together at a Lake house on Stone Lake in Cassopolis MI. We had lots of laughs,fun and good food. It was a little crazy at first. The kids were all so excited and wanted to check out everything. The guys went fishing at 6 every morning. Some even went at 4:30 one morning. They then fished more throughout the day and evening. We had some yummy fish to fry come Friday night. Heidi is a good little fisherman. She caught 4 one time and one or two the other times she went fishing. She said that catching fish by herself was her favorite part of the vacation. IMG_0227
We went swimming off of the pontoon most days. It took a while to find a good spot with no seaweed. Owen was pretty scared about going in the water, but by the end of the week, he was a bit more comfortable. We went to Silver Beach on Lake Michigan one day. There were some decent sized waves and we all enjoyed that.
Dad seemed to disappear a lot and the most asked question during the week was, "Has anyone seen Dad?" We had a trick played on us by Ryan and Brent. Brent typed up a fake news article about the house being haunted. We spent much time Googling it, but soon discovered it must be a farce. It was not until the end of the week that we found out that it was the work of Brent, and Ryan was in on it too.

We played Beyond Balderdash one night. If you have never played, you are missing out. It is hilarious. There was one where you had to tell why this guy with the last name of Leotard was famous. Dad's answer was: A burlesque comedian billed as Leotard the Reotard." We were all laughing so hard! I liked my movie synopsis of "The story of two rival gangs in Miami. Will Eduardo make it out alive?" I only got one vote for it, though. I also enjoyed Chad's movie synopsis of the Woopie Boys: "3 Half brothers steal a card and sail it down the Mississippi on a homemade raft." There were tons of funny ones and it was hard to read through the answers without busting up. It was great that all of us kids got to be there.