Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Political Rant

Politics have my blood boiling once again. I'm not a political person, so I'm not going to rant about any one person or party. It is totally annoying that we have a 2 party system. Really? There are only two views that can solve the problems of our country?! I don't feel like I can totally commit to all that the Republicans stand for or all that the Democrats stand for. Also, I feel like all politicians are either liars or naive. They don't ever seem to do what they said they would during their campaigning.

I'm sick of the mayoral campaign ads that I've been seeing. Why don't candidates campaign with their goals, views and plans instead of just saying-My opponent stinks, don't vote for him/her. Another thing that bothers me is what the voters will base their decision on. People will vote for a candidate because of name recognition. They may know nothing about the person's political plans, but they've heard the name on the news, so they vote for them. People will vote or NOT vote for someone because of their religion or race. How does religion affect your ability to be a good government leader? And race?-Don't even get me started. I don't know the religion of Congress members. I don't know what religion Barack Obama is part of. There are mostly Christians in our nation. I am one of them. I believe a person of the Islamic faith or Jewish faith could be just as good of a government leader as a Christian. I've heard other Christians say they would ONLY vote for a Christian. I just can't identify with that. Why don't we start voting based on political plans and views instead of our personal judgements?!