Monday, August 31, 2009

Funny Girl

So, these are a couple of funny things that Heidi did this past weekend. It was about 4 in the afternoon and Heidi had her finger in her mouth, feeling her teeth. She took her finger out, shrugged her shoulders and said, "Hmm. Must've been a dream." I chuckled and asked what she was talking about. She said that she thought she lost a tooth, but she didn't feel any gone, so it must have been a dream. I like how she didn't think to feel her teeth until 4 in the afternoon, instead of after waking up from the dream. Now this one is really good. All of the kids fell asleep in the van on the way home from Indiana Beach on Saturday. When we got home, there was a letter in the mail for Heidi that had a return address on it. I woke her up, but she was still pretty out of it. I pointed to the return address and asked who it was from. With eyes lit up with surprise, she said, "The president!!" I laughed and said, "Whose name is on there?" Still really excited, she said, "Barack Obama!" It was from her cousin, Grace. I don't know why she thought it was from the President, but it was pretty funny.

On beautiful Lake Shafer

We took the kids to Indiana Beach on Saturday. It was so much fun! We had planned to go to the water park too, but it ended up being too cold. It was really windy and only about 67 degrees. This was Owen's first time there and Heidi and Noah were super excited for him to get to go on all of the cool rides that they love. Well, the Frog Hopper is their favorite-Owen, not so much. He wasn't really all that excited on any of them, but he did ask to go again on a couple of rides. I took Heidi and Noah on the Scrambler and Noah was almost crying and asking, "Mommy, when is this ride over?" Heidi wasn't afraid of anything and she even went by herself on some rides. Oh, little Owen tried to be a boat captain. We took a ride around the lake on this big paddle wheel boat. Owen ran up and grabbed the wheel, "I want to drive the boat." Then he kept saying, "Me captain." They are so funny. I'm glad we got to take them!