Sunday, September 16, 2012


So, I've grown up hearing stories from my grandma, aunt and uncles about the mean things my dad did as a kid .  I've known him for 30 years and I know that he is a little mean spirited at times.  We all laugh when someone trips or falls, but with my dad it's a little more sinister when he's laughing at others misfortunes.  Like the time he laughed hysterically after nailing me in the jaw with a softball when I was 10.  The stories I've heard are usually about normal mean brother things, like putting a spinning propeller in his little sister's hair.  BUT today there were new revelations into the mind of Ross.  My dad, his brother and their friends were hanging out  in a friend's barn -and as any good barn has, there was a rope hanging  down.  Well, my dad decided to tie a noose.  I'd like to know how and why my dad knew how to tie a noose!  He then convinced his OLDER brother to step up on the crate and put the noose around his neck.  All of the boys were just laughing and laughing as my uncle's face turned red.  Thankfully, the one boy's father came out and rescued him.  After hearing this, all I could say was,Wow!