Friday, October 8, 2010

Political Campaign Ads

I don't care if you are still married to your high school sweetheart. That hardly warrants a reason for me to vote for you! I'm sick of these campaign ads where voters are given dumb reasons as to why they should vote for a particular candidate or where they totally bash the opponent. I recently saw one that rails on a candidate for changing his mind about his career two times-(3 times if you count the choice to become a politician, but don't most politicians start out in somewhat reputable careers before they become crooked?) This same ad continually called the candidate liberal, but within this ad, said that they didn't know where he stood on the political issues. How can you call him liberal if you don't know his point of view?! Start giving me some good reasons why I should vote for you. That's great that you a nice person who is patriotic and cares about farmers, oh and small business owners, but what are you going to do in office?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm R2D2's Sidekick

Noah watched Star Wars once at a friends house, and is now obsessed! He imagines everything being Star Wars or Star Wars related. Today he was talking about how it would be cool if you had a Jack in the box and if Luke Skywalker popped out holding a light saber. He also now has Owen obsessed. Owen was even humming the theme song before he even saw a Star Wars movie.