Saturday, April 10, 2010

New York City

New York was such a blast! I met Bud's roommate and her boyfriend when I first got there and they were cool. Bud and I went shopping in Soho and found some good deals. We checked out Chinatown and found some cookie things for Chad. I like to buy him different kinds of food bec. he enjoys trying new things. I got chopsticks for the kids at Pearl River. That was a fun store. We hit Hale and Hearty Soups at Chelsea Market. It was quite hearty! It was fun being with Bud and not having to worry about which train to get on and try to figure out where things are. She knew right where to go.
Sunday was pretty laid back. I called the kids and told me all about what the Easter Bunny brought them. We went to church and in the afternoon/evening we hung out on the roof. It was a lot quieter up there and there are great views of the city. We walked the Brooklyn Bridge and checked out the sea port.
Monday was our most eventful day. We got up early to go to a couple of sight seeing places before going to the Statue of Liberty. We wanted to try to get standby by tickets for David Letterman, and we were the 1st callers, so we got standby numbers 1 and 2!! We had to answer a trivia question about the show-What type of store is Rupert's? We were glad it was an easy one for us! Time was tight between the Statue of Liberty and The taping for David Letterman. We had to run a couple of times. We ran 3 blocks down Broadway. I had to stop for a short break. I don't exercise at all, so this was pushing it for me. I coughed for fifteen minutes after we stopped running. Bud thought it was hilarious. David Letterman was fun. They had a lot of rules about when to yell and what you could yell. The theater and stage are a lot smaller than they look on TV. We were in the second to last row, and that was only 12 rows back. It was really fun!! We then went out to eat at PJ Clarke's with Bud's friend. He was fun and the food was really good. We finished the evening with manicures. That was the first time I've gotten one and it was interesting. I couldn't understand the lady and wasn't sure what I supposed to do with my hands sometimes, so I was asking Bud lots of questions.
Tuesday we went to Regis and Kelly. I tried out to be a go-go dancer, but wasn't picked. They do pick an audience member to win a $500 gift card to different places every day. AND I WON!!! Kelly drew my number out of a bowl and I got a gift card to Omaha Steaks. Bud had to nudge me to tell me it was my number. It was funny. We saw Carol Burnett, Michael Kors and Kim Kardashian.
I love visiting the city!! And always have a great time hanging out with Bud!!!!! That picture is from the roof of Bud's building. Pretty sweet, huh?

Friday, April 2, 2010


Today was one wild day! I had a flight scheduled to leave South Bend at 6:30PM. So, we planned a day of fun in South Bend with the kids before I had to leave. Heidi was sick to her stomach this morning, so it looked like we wouldn't be doing any of our fun stuff that we had planned. Then, I remembered that we had some anti-nausea medication and then she was good to go in about 20 min. That stuff works great! In South Bend we went out to eat and got some good pizza, went to a park, walked along the river, got some delicious treats at an Italian bakery, and then back to the park for some more play time. Then, we headed to the airport where I found out that my flight was canceled. So, I to head out tomorrow morning at 7 from Fort Wayne. On the way home the boys decided to start clubs and wanted to have club meetings when we got home. Well, it took about an hour for our meetings to begin. We kept getting phone calls and I was trying to figure out my new plans since my flight was canceled. Just as we thought all the chaos was over, the doorbell rang. CRAZINESS!!
So, Noah's club is Farmer Tarmer and we had a secret handshake followed by a discussion led by Noah concerning craters and gratefulness. Owen's club is the Strawberry Club and he asked everyone what their favorite part is in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. These kids are too funny. And now to why this is titled Shipshewana. On the way home Girls Just Want to Have Fun was on the radio and Owen started to sing along-only he sang Shipshewana, Shipshewana. What a day!