Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Salt in His Shoes

The kids have been doing some funny things that I wanted to write down. Owen has had a crush on a girl at church, who is now 22. He used to sit with her at church and get excited to see her. He says they are just buddies, but she recently got married and he had some interesting things to say about that. She moved to Arkansas, which is where her husband is from. When I told Owen that she was moving, he rolled his eyes and said, "Just as I knew it! They have to move to where HE is from." I had their wedding announcement on the fridge and when I took it down, he said, "Good, you took it down. Now I don't have to look at his face." What a punk! He said he was just kidding. Yeah, right!

Noah just told me that he had a tear in his eye when he finished his math test today because he was so happy that he finally passed the subtraction set he had been working on. Noah is my sensitive one. We were talking to him about how when he gets older he won't like stuffed animals anymore. That made him cry. He said he didn't want to to think about a time when he wouldn't like his stuffed toys because he just loves them so much.

Emmy has been barking. Yep, she stands at the door and barks because she wants to go outside to see the neighbor's dogs. She barks at dogs on TV, in photos and barks at her stuffed dog. We showed the kids pictures from our Barbados trip and there were tortoises in one photo. Heidi and Owen, separately, asked if we rode them. Goofs! Owen put salt in his tennis shoes this morning because his friend told him that he read in a book that Micheal Jordan could dunk because he put salt in his. Owen tested it and he came in excited, and said that he was really close to dunking, but not quite there. Heidi doesn't really too much silly stuff, she is a smart aleck, though. She makes some good jokes. She does get emotional when tired and usually laughs at herself the next day for being so ridiculous. Things have been busy, but getting better. I worked part time for 2 months at the Brownstone in South Whitley, but am done with that, and I'm now focusing on Rolling Pin Bakehouse. The kids are doing swim lessons, but no other sports this summer. I think it will be pretty enjoyable to have more free time. Things are coming together for my bakery. I have a hearing with the zoning board next week. Hopefully, I get approved and get some more customers in the future.