Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going ons of the Warner's

So, here is some of the stuff going on with us. We are working on redoing some of the things in our downstairs bathroom. We have painted and are ready to put in new baseboards. We ordered a sink/vanity top and are not sure when that might arrive. It is taking a long time to get done, but I hope we like the end result! Chad and I went canoeing on the Eel River a couple of weekends ago and I just want to say that it was wonderful! We had a great time together-and I didn't see any snakes, thank goodness! Heidi is working on writing song lyrics. The title is Is it really Him or am I Thinkin' Crazy. She sang it to me a couple of times and the lyrics are different each time, but it's basically the Taylor Swift song-You belong with me, in Heidi's unique wording. I bought some Puma shoes and Heidi said, "Those are cool. It looks like there is a squirrel jumping on them." I don't think Puma's would be quite so cool if it were a flying squirrel instead of a pouncing puma. My shoes are pretty sweet!,en_US,pd.html#search

Little Owie is pretty much potty trained! I know, he is three and a half and it should have happened a LONG time ago. If you've met Owen, you know how ornery and stubborn that little guy is. He has mostly been going around with a bare bottom under his clothes. Lately, he even puts underwear on, as long as it's his idea and not mine.

Noah is really enjoying Kindergarten and he is doing well. He really likes his teacher and has made some good friends. He is doing well with learning how to read and surprising me with how much he knows!

I bought a book, Outcasts United. It's about a town with a lot of refugees from Congo, Burundi, Sudan, Liberia, and other places and a refugee soccer team was started. I've been wanting to read it for a while because one of the boys on the soccer team is a kid that my friend tutored. She told me about the book and the author of the book and it sparked my interest. I don't take time to read books, so we'll see how long it takes me to get through it.